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1-abc.net Cleaning Box 7.00
Your all inclusive package for cleaning unnecessary data from your computer!

The longer your Windows system is installed, the more unnecessary data will be collected on your computer. This program helps you to find this data and deletes it for you! Six powerful modules will guide you step-by-step through the process of cleaning up your system!

Do you wonder why your computer becomes slower from month to month, even if you install only programs you need and uninstall everything that you did not use for a long time? Is booting time on your machine at home always longer than on your office PC? Are you surprised that you find files, registry entries and other traces of things you entered on your computer again even after years?

The reasons for this are different. Some of this unnecessary data belongs to programs that were not uninstalled correctly, even if it looked like they were. More data trash is saved to your computer whenever you surf the web, independent from any security software you use while visiting websites. And other garbage is produced by the programs you are working with or your Windows system itself.

In the end, there are unnecessary files in temporary folders, old backup files in program folders, old entries in different places of your Windows Registry, duplicate files everywhere, and temporary internet files of different browsers stay in hidden folders waiting for a moment when they will be used again, even if this day will never come.

This program combines all functions of 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer, 1-abc.net Surf Trail Washer, 1-abc.net Registry Washer, 1-abc.net File Washer, 1-abc.net Duplicate Finder and 1-abc.net Drive Space Organizer with a very easy-to-use interface.

1-abc.net Cleaning Box - free disk space, keep your privacy and enjoy a faster system!

For Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Download size: 1.70 MB

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Please note:

This 1-abc.net product is available in a multilingual version and includes following languages automatically:

English  German  French  Hungarian  Polish

Feature Overview:

  • Fast, easy and secure 1-Click Cleaning!
  • Hard Drive Washer - Search and delete unnecessary files from your computer!
  • Surf Trail Washer - Delete your internet trail now or even permanently!
  • Registry Washer - Speed up your system by cleaning up your Windows Registry!
  • File Washer - Erase files completely so that they can never be recovered again!
  • Duplicate Finder - Find identical files on your computer or on external drives!
  • Drive Space Organizer - Analyze and find out where your disk space has gone!
  • Program can be installed on USB sticks, camera cards or nearly all other re-writable media
  • Very low system resources required

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