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2013, December 28th

1-abc.net Database 2.00 available now. Now many default database structures like CD+LP collection, movie database, phone book and others are already included. Additionally there are tooltips to guide you even better through the program and much more!

2013, November 29th

1-abc.net Startup Booster 6.00 released, now with full screen view, new right click context menu for faster access to most used features, additional entry check, execute startup entries directly, copy entries to clipboard and much more!

2013, November 15th

1-abc.net Personal Calendar 5.00 avaible now. New features: Add appointments for 1 time per year (birthdays etc.), new interface, full screen view, new date formats, reminding message preview, setup file became even 13 KB smaller, and much more!

2013, November 2nd

New version 7.00 of our first 1-abc.net shareware tool ever - 1-abc.net Password Organizer released.

2013, October 17th

New version 7.00 of 1-abc.net Registry Washer is available now. This new version got an updated interface, new Registry entries to search for, a wiping feature for your Registry cleaning history, an exception list for data that should not be deleted, more information about the key by double clicking a results entry and much more.

2013, October 4th

1-abc.net Clipboard Organizer 3.00 released, this is new: Delete or erase your clipboard report or single clipboard entries, full size view for clipboard report and extended clipboard, sort clipboard data in report overview, search for clipboard data if you need it later again ... and much more! Click here to find out more. And again: The program size decreased about 50 KB and is now below 300 KB:-)

2013, September 20th

1-abc.net Hotkey Organizer 4.00 is available now with many new features: Full screen view for your hotkey list, interface optimization, combine hotkeys to execute more than one command, file, program or website with just one hotkey, check existing hotkeys for duplicates or for broken execution command lines ... and much more! Click here to find out more. By the way: We are one of the very few companies that manage to get update versions smaller! Version 4.00 is app. 11 KB smaller than version 3.00 :-)

2013, September 6th

New update version 6.00 of 1-abc.net Right Click Configurator released. Now you can define your own exceptions list to avoid any unwanted right click menu changes. There also is a new full screen view for better overview and much more!

2013, August 23rd

1-abc.net File Configuration Box 5 available now - 7 of 8 modules were updated with new features!

2013, August 9th

New update version: 1-abc.net Duplicate Finder 6 - new features: Full screen view for your results can be used automatically by option / Remember last analyzed folder for next program start / Decide if read only files will be deleted or not / Multi-selection for files to be wiped or removed

2013, July 26th

Update version: 1-abc.net Surf Trail Washer 7.

2013, July 13th

And another new product: 1-abc.net Wallpaper Rotation - Change your desktop wallpaper automatically!

2013, June 28th

New product: 1-abc.net Search Engine Confuzer - search the web automatically for things you would never look for!

2013, June 14th

First we thought about making a complete new product of our new Disk Alert system that allows you to get automated warning messages if a folder size is above or below a specific value defined by you, but then we decided to integrate this feature into the brand new 1-abc.net Drive Space Organizer 5.00 - and the products price remains the same!

2013, May 18th

1-abc.net File Finder 6.00 and 1-abc.net File Divider 5.00 available now!

2013, May 3rd

1-abc.net Security Box 5.00 released. All included modules (1-abc.net Backup, 1-abc.net File Encrypter, 1-abc.net File Washer, 1-abc.net Password Organizer, 1-abc.net Personal Diary and 1-abc.net Synchronizer) were updated.

2013, April 19th

For the first time a 1-abc.net product release got the version number 7. 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer 7 was published today and offers a new backup feature for copying files to another folder before they will be deleted, full screen view by default or by option, more information like file size, time of creation or time of last file access for files found to be deleted, an easier way to add excepions to the exceptions list and much more!

2013, April 5th

1-abc.net File Renamer 5 inlcuding history feature, extended backup functions, easier way to add all files from one folder and much more released.

2013, March 22nd

1-abc.net Personal Addresses 5 released. The new version additionally allows you to decide what columns should be activated by default, to start the program automatically with your Windows system, to keep current display settings for the next program start, to multi-select entries for deleting and much more!

2013, March 9th

New update version 6.00 of 1-abc.net File Washer with 2 more erasing procedures, project function, optimized recycle bin deleting and much more available now.

2013, February 22nd

New update version 6.00 of 1-abc.net Synchronizer available now. This new version additionally checks if folders really exist before synchronization is started, allows you to add folder exceptions to be excluded from synchronizing under any circumstances, displays you more information about a running synchronization process and much more!

2013, February 8th

1-abc.net Personal Informatino Center 4.00 released! Now including all updated modules and all features of 1-abc.net Database 1.10 as an additional module.

2013, January 25th

Update versions available: 1-abc.net File Configurator 5.00 and 1-abc.net File Replacer 5.00.

2013, January 9th

New version available: 1-abc.net Settings Organizer 6.00 now with full Windows 8 support and more than 175 Windows tuning and configuration options.

2013, January 1st

Happy new year :-)

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